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Talent Yarn®

Composed of various natural elements as for DNA of the fiber, capable of killing most kinds of germs and adjust temperature according to the surrounding area. Anti-UV feature works like a shield to protect human skin.  Four Elements Energy Biotechnology Co. Ltd. utilizes the advance technology to integrate good mineral element into one slim yarn for mankind.


TalentYarn conforms to the more environmental regulations i.e. Oeko-Tex and ECO-TEXTILE, can be widely used in the knitting and weaving fabrics to produce the clothing. For modern people won’t have to sacrifice their request for comfort and health under the limit of their clothing.


The Talent Yarn Composite Cooling Fiber “I-COOL” was officially published at Taiwan Textile Federation in 2009. The concept of “Liquid Metal Fiber” was inspired by latest smart phone technology.  Fabric with liquid metal technology can increase the element density, improve fiber functionality and quality stability. In warmer seasons it can release the cooling feeling, odorless & anti-UV; In colder seasons it can retain heat, deodorizing & anti-static.


HimaTech Deodorizing Additive (Pharmacy)

HimaTech was named after the world summit, the Himalayas. Using inorganic materials extracted from natural essences for processing after dyeing. Add a specify ratio of additive on fiber surface to achieve the ‘Deodorizing & Anti-bacteria’ functions. HIMA-Tech Deodorizing additive can transform various fabrics with deodorizing and antibacterial functions instantly.


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