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Management philosophy

Talent Yarn® is named after the meaning of “harmony of human and nature” between human and the universe.  Compared with the other living things, human is the only species knows how to take advantage of natural resource to make the fabrics and wears cloth. After the age of killing animals to obtain their furs and overuse to cause ecological damage, now Four Elements Energy Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. has promoted “Talent Yarn®” in the 21st century by fully using the technological advantages to integrate the excellent material good for human with mineral element into one slim yarn. Without pollution by heavy metal, it is conformed to the environmental regulations of Oeko-Tex that can be widely used in the knitting and weaving fabrics to produce the clothing for protecting human body.  Therefore, under the premise of pursuit of beauty and fashion, the modern people won’t have to sacrifice their request for comfort and health under the limit of their clothing. 

Facing the imperative environmental issue of climate change, in addition to being the vegetarian, the chief of Four Elements Energy , also being a producer of textile, he started to search for all kinds of alternative fabric, such as bacteria/food/animal, heavy metal or improper dye material.  All of them are not the positive solutions for designers or brand’s fabric. The scientists and designers predicted that the future fashion will become the smart fabric of “warm in winter; cool in summer” according to climate change, the age of Talent Yarn®.~


Management philosophy

As the technology progressing and developing, at the present, uni-functional fabric no longer able to meet the requirement of the market, multi-functional yarn has become the main stream of the industry.


R&D Philosophy

Four Elements Energy® has been approved and recommended by a global well-know environmental awareness magazine. Four Elements Energy® multi-functional textile is an end result of team effort, which consists of Western and Chinese medical experts, doctors and government bodies. It also cooperated with global certification and inspection institutions.

Four Elements Energy® products in-cooperate over 20 kinds of trace elements Far infra-red, Negative Ions, Breathable, Anti-bacterial, odorless, UV resistance, Anti-static, Waterproof etc. By combining biology and material technologies to achieve anti- global climate smart textiles.


R & D Basis

Four Elements Energy products are to provide a healthy and comfortable sensation to the users. According to hyperbaric oxygen in clinical therapy and Bioenergetics information medicine and natural medicine are Resonance Medicine theory, the key elements for promoting health are energy.

1. Brain resonance,

2. Qi/blood resonance,

3. Cell resonance, and

4. Spirit resonance.


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